OKUSACA Announce 2017 Odwira/Ohum Festival

The U.S. Labor Day holiday is here with us once again, and as has been their practice for the past three-plus decades, the sons and daughters of Akuapem and Asuogya will get together to celebrate their annual Odwira/Ohum Festival under the umbrella of the Okuapemman Association of USA and Canada (OKUSACA).

OKUSACA is a non-profit charitable organization registered in both the U.S. (501(c)3 status) and Canada. The Association comprises mainly people of Akuapem and Asuogya descent from the Eastern Region of Ghana; however, it is also open to (and does include) Ghanaians from other parts of the country who identify with the vision/mission of the Association and share its cultural heritage and values.

Traditionally, OKUSACA has used the Odwira/Ohum festival to also commemorate its founding, and this year is no exception: it will mark OKUSACA’s 32nd anniversary as a cross-continental body bringing together Ghanaians currently living in 10 major metropolitan areas across North America.

The 2017 Odwira/Ohum celebrations are also given additional significance by two important milestones: the Okuapemman Cultural Association of Ontario (OCAO), which is one of the five original Associations that came together to form OKUSACA, is celebrating its 28th anniversary. (That makes OCAO one of OKUSACA’s oldest Chapters!) Added to this is the fact that Canada itself is in celebratory mood – and has been all year long, this being the 150th anniversary of its founding as a nation! Thus, it is going to be fun galore all around as the sons and daughters of Akuapem and Asuogya make their way to beautiful Toronto, the 4th largest city (and anchor of the 7th largest metropolitan area) on the North American continent, for this year’s multi-faceted celebrations.

This year’s OKUSACA festivities will be celebrated under the theme “PRIMARY HEALTHCARE, THE BEDROCK OF OUR ECONOMIC SUCCESS”, chosen to underscore OKUSACA’s strongly-held belief that primary healthcare delivery, when combined with keen awareness of the environment and its impact on the health and well-being of a people, ultimately lead to community development and improved quality of life for all.
The dates for this week-end of fun and colorful Ghanaian cultural ceremonies (North American-style) are Friday September 1st through Monday September 4th, 2017, and the venue is MISSISSAUGA CONVENTION CENTER, 75 Derry Rd, W Mississauga, ONT Canada.

High-lights of the festival include:
1. A durbar of chiefs and dignitaries from around the world in the afternoon on Saturday, September 2, 2017.
2. City Tour organized by the Host Chapter.
3. A black-tie dinner-dance on Saturday, September 2, 2016.
4. Special Thanksgiving Service in the morning of September 3rd, Afternoon Jam/Picnic with DJ Soundz Masters; followed by an after party for all the “night owls”.

All Ghanaians and friends of Ghana are cordially invited to make their way to Mississauga this Labor Day week-end and come celebrate with us.

For more information contact the President of our hosting Toronto Chapter, Mr. Raymond Ansah at 647.718.0724 or OKUSACA’s Publicity Officer, Mrs. Joycelynn Nketia-Gyasi at 678.558.2489.


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