Former President of the Ghana Bar Association (GBA) Sam Okudzeto says the Police must stop themselves as the law because they are not the law.

?Many a police man also thinks that he is the law, and I always remind them that ?you are not the law; you are only part of the mechanism put down in place because even you can break the law and when you break the law will deal with you also?, Mr. Okudzeto told an audience at a human rights workshop in Accra on Wednesday.

Speaking on the need for citizens to know their rights vis-?-vis the powers of the Police, Sam Okudzeto said a well-informed populace can protect their rights and forestall infringement by Police Officers.

He said although some Police Officers may see assertive citizens as stubborn people, it is important that infractions by law officers are politely pointed out to them.

?Its very important that we the citizens should know our rights and when we know our rights we?ll then work with the Police and help the Police to ensure that law and order is kept so if you see a police man misbehaving, it?s our responsibility to point it out to him?.



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