Okraku Mantey Blames Sarkodie For R2Bees’ GMA Disqualification

By now patronage of Ghana music are aware of the Ghana music awards snub of R2Bee’s hit song ‘Ajei‘ featuring the fastest rapper alive ‘Sarkodie’. The organisers of the event has attributed the disqualification to the indecency of the songs lyrics. Music producer Mark Okraku Mantey is pointing the fingers to Sarkodie as the cause of the disqualification.

Okraku wonders why Sarkodie does not use explicit lyrics in his own projects but chooses to do so when he features on other peoples records. Speaking to Graphic Showbiz, Mark stated :

If Daddy Lumba or A.B Crenstil did that, it wouldn’t have come as a surprise but coming from Sarkodie is shocking. He would naturally not use profane lyrics in his own songs.

Anyway, I wouldn’t put all the blame on Sarkodie. R2bees should have known better than to allow Sarkodie to use such words on their work – Mark

Ike Otoo the manager of the Tema group begs to differ :

You see, R2bees has been able to make a very big impact with Agyei. The group did the song not necessarily targeting the Ghana Music Awards but rather coming out with something that Ghanaians will love and I think they have been able to achieve that.

Also, the fact that R2bees has been nominated in the other categories in the VGMA is enough to say R2bees did very well last year. I hope R2bees who have been nominated in Artiste of the Year, Best Group of the Year and Hiplife/ HipHop Artiste categories win at least two of the awards.

As we talk now, R2bees is touring some parts of London with Agyei and would return somewhere next week.

Sarkodies camp also have not been quiet on the issue, a representative released a statement to Okraku asking :

 Why is he picking on only Sarkodie? Nana Borro who also featured on Agyei used what I believe are more suggestive lyrics so he should leave Sarkodie alone

What do you think? Do you agree with Mark? Should Sarkodie take the blame for ‘Ajei’ disqualification? Leave your comments below.

Source : Graphic Showbiz

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