A man?s personality and his politics may differ in many ways. While personality refers to enduring personal characteristics as shown in a particular way of behaviour in difference circumstances by individuals, Politics on the other-hand can be taken as an act or activities aimed at improving someone?s status or increasing power within an organisation, that can be achieved through political relationship with others, standing for elective/executive office and representing the interest of those (voters) on whose interest party politics is advanced. In any case, there are different personality traits people show in the act of politicking such as Outspoken-ness/shy; Kind-ness/Wickedness, keeping promises or failings them Truthfulness/Lies, Humour or the opposite? Etc

On top of these characteristics lies a politician?s capability and incapability in taking certain decisions. He sometimes goes out of his way to use his personality ?good or bad? to get what he wants without stress; he does that knowing full well what he wants and how to get it. His personality therefore becomes a vehicle to attend his goals in life whether as a public servant or a private business person. Besides, among the chief interest in politics is to promote one?s own political views on others, negotiation with other political subjects, making laws and exerting the use of forces where necessary.

In life, before a man decides to partake into murky water of party politics he/she must had already formed some certain personality trait influenced by both family and society at large. As life goes on through schools, high education and exposures other acquired traits added up consciously or unconsciously. Though people?s personality can be remedied for better behavioural changes outlook especially if one action and inaction is under constant scrutiny .In this article, I have decided to use Gov. Okorocha of Imo state as an example of how personality and one?s political interest can be misunderstood and mistaken as been the same., Gov.Rochas Okorocha by now to many people are known as a fire brand personality, a go-getter, his philanthropy, outspokenness and desire to reach out/speak to the hearing of his subjects has earned him friends and foes alike in Nigeria and Imo state in particular.

It all started during 2011 Governorship election in Imo-State, Rochas an unknown politician in Imo-state then from Orlu zone where Mr.Achika Udenwa the predecessor who handed over power to Gov.Ikedi Ohakim hail from; By every sense and measure of justice, equity and fairness Orlu zone were not supposed to have produced the next Governor after Udenwa but for Okorocha who not only came from Orlu equally new the existing “zoning formula” in Imo that paved way for Okigwe zone to anoints Chief Ikedi Ohakim to emerge the consensus candidate in 2007election. Against all odds Rochas insisted and declared interest through APGA party to ask for a platform to actualise his dream to govern Imo. By then Chief Martin Agbaso the Business man who contested under APGA 2007 against Ohakim PDP with his Owerri friends who now claims to had singled handed made Rochas Governor were the apostles of ?Zoning Formula?, these people new quite well it was the turn of Owerri zone to produce the next Governor of Imo state, but instead they accepted and allowed Okorocha to hijacked APGA party structure in Imo, contested and won.

They Agbaso?s sold out their zoning right and chances in exchange for the position of a deputy Governor which Mr. Martin?s younger brother filled-in immediately ,actually he was expected according to the blind agreement reached by Okorocha and Owerri zone people, to take over from him after just one term. What a gamble? Meanwhile what many of them did not take in cognisance was that in politics it?s all about permanent interest and not friendship as Agbaso had thought. The bubble busted when Agbaso and his younger brother Jude Agbaso who was the first deputy Gov. under Okorocha Government lost out in the power struggle which lead to Jude?s many problems and finally corruption charges and impeachment. That was politics in action as it contradicts personality which was exactly what Owerri people failed to put into consideration. Rochas was able to navigate his way by using the only tool with him and that?s his personality not his politics as he knew there was no politics there to play but a show of personality, promises and partnership with Owerri Zone, at least he acted as if he were a gentleman and it worked. He did not flaunt wealth as many of the politicians are all loaded and could not have accepted money which they would make assuming they become the Governor.

It did not end there, during the Election Campaigns Rochas speeches and promises and that?s of the incumbent Ikedi Ohakim (PDP) were in no way a match as Okorocha oratory gift of gab, energetic disposition and elaborate intents garner much admires/voters who might have thought his personality and politics as same, unlike Chief Ikedi Ohakim the incumbent? Gov. who were barely audible during campaign trails to the point some of almost pathetic in some measures, And the outcome of that election was clear to all and sundry. Rochas won Ohakim hands down in almost the 27 local Government areas, except in Oguta, Ohaji, Egbema and Ngor Okpalla where there was a run up and supplementary election re-conducted. Though PDP machinery attempted to rig these areas but in the end Rochas won and went on to unseat him (Ohakim) against the fact he was an incumbent Governor from the ruling power PDP. Ohakim had the opportunity to win that election of 2011 but because of his personality- inability to tell voters what he had done with 4 years mandate and his plans for the another 4 years he were asking for; Rochas to his advantage as someone having a good political personality trait outsmarted and outwitted him by making campaign promises and elaborate talk on what he planned for Imo, and the people responded by voting massively for him, the rest they say is history.

For this writer and many Imolites living in Germany Rochas is a strong, visionary political personality and therefore should be retained to finish his job in Imo-state. In Nigeria of today there are not much different from one political party to the other they are like the same source of bad water channel that has polluted all the places and it wouldn?t be good to throw away the babe with the bad water. What is happening now is that those who had held the progress of Imo down for long with the majority of them anchored in PDP felt short changed and have devised means to bring Rochas down hence he has been accused of not sharing the state treasure with the do-called ?big-pot bellies?. Nevertheless I am convinced majority of Imolites love Rochas and they believed he deserves a second term no mother which political party he holds sway, After all, Political association is all about choice while our personality reflects our innate preparedness to take actions in certain direction. The question here is how can we separate Rochas personality from his politics? Could it be said it would have been right for all the easterners to abandon a national party as APC? And if Rochas were to be wrong by joining APC then what about Ngige, Annie Okonkwo and many APC members in the east? Does it mean these Guys are anti-Igbo agenda as some opposition are implying Rochas is??

So far, I have x-rayed the political issues arising from Imo state of late and I know those rooting for Rochas ouster come next year do not meant well for Imolites, the man is doing his best and Imolites cannot afford to send an active working Governor ?parking? just because he made a political choice to further his nest. What many Imolites failed to understand is this; voting in a new Government will mean losing up to 10-15billion Naira to electioneering, settlement of borrowed loans, campaign sponsors and /maximising of personal gains by the in-coming administration. Such amount can be used in many ways to uplift the infrastructure challenges of Imo-state to an extent, the biggest risky been that those posing to know better than Rochas may even be the worst given their antecedents both present and past records.

My humble opinion is this; a performing Governor can only be voted out on the ground he is not performing well and not on excuses such as changing a political party, zoning or personality life style. Rochas with a background of east and north has a personality that befits the bitter political rivalries between Hausa-Fulani ethnicity and Ibos in Nigeria, and if given chance may be instrumental to bringing to an end the long feud between these two people, that he belong to APC is no case to make and should not be used as a political point against his re-election next year.
However, the choice of Imolites come next year would be between sacking a performing Governor as in the case of Ekiti State where a Performing and Reformer Governor Mr. Fayemi (APC) was voted out in-favour of Mr. Fayose ( PDP) the former Governor. The consequences of such political miscalculation and somersault will be too high for Imo State where almost the oppositions are old PDP ?Hulks? who no nothing but sharing of state treasure. Imo citizens need to know that allowing Rochas to complete his second term would have saved the state treasure from unnecessary looting and wastage of; to come campaign/electioneering bills that will run into billions of Naira.?

Lastly, I could not bring this piece to a conclusion without joining millions of Ndi-Imo who felt aggrieved from the actions of Mr.Charly Oputa, aka Charly Boy, the son of Late Jurist Justice chukwuma Oputa ,during his father?s burial last weekend in Ugwuta Imo state . It was alleged that Mr.Charly and his cohorts throw caution to the wind by preventing Rochas a seating Governor from performing his constitution duty. As reported Charly boy prevailed on Rochas in public from making speech during the requiem mass service during his father?s burial fortnight ago, He went as far as even breaching the protocol against the Governor paving way for the presidency to upsurge the number one Imo citizen by making the welcoming speeches instead of the Government in Imo state leading.

I supposed Oputa?s family is one of the respected families in Nigeria with a very good sense of decency and decorum denigrating a Governor is one too many from a man whom much is expected especially at this trying times.

This time around Charly Boy has taken his ?Wild -Wild-West? American life too far, hopefully when the dust settles he will have time and courage to reflect on his bizarre public show of shame and apologise to the Gov. Respect and honour should be given to whom it?s due and as far as Imo State is concerned Rochas is our number one citizen therefore all of us should respect his authority. Imo state Government is the seat of power for the state we should strive at all time to show support and respect to whomever is there.

Adams, Kennedy Chidi


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