The Federal Government has been urged to actively implement policies related to ICT to make Nigeria compete favourably with other countries around the globe.

This advice was given by the Managing Director of Red Sapphire Nigeria Limited and Partners to Comp metrics Nigeria limited organizers of Digital Africa, Mrs. Phil Okoroafo in an exclusive interview with Daily Times in her office in Abuja.

Okoroafo said it is time for Africa and especially Nigeria to begin to play a significant role in the digital technology eco-system.

?Early this year, we went for a consumer electronics show were a lot of exhibitors in their thousands from around the world came to show case their products but no African country was represented. That alone goes to show that we are not doing it right and that we have long way to go to catch up with ICT world.

Okoroafo further stated that the forth coming digitalafrica 2014 conference and exhibition is the 19th world electronics forum (WEF) with the theme: Towards Digital Singularity In Africa will provide a plat form for Nigerians to show the world their innovations.

?At this conference and exhibition, we expect a lot of deals to be signed and we are hoping also that at the end of this conference, more African will become producers and in no time, products like phones, television and others made in Nigeria or Africa?s products will be selling around the world too?.

She said it will be a great opportunity for the participants as the will have the opportunity of meeting with creators of the exhibition materials on that day.

? The federal and state governments are doing well, but more need to be done. The world is becoming a global village and we must not be left behind? Okoroafo added.

Also in a separate interview, a director of Digital Africa Mrs. Donaholeu Liz said that the conference and exhibition will be a booster to our local people. ?The importance of ICT in our day today life cannot be over emphasized. It?s in Medicine, agriculture, marketing etc. ICT is a global thing now and the government of Nigeria should also embrace it by supporting individuals and private organization in the ICT world so the we can equally boost of inventions too?.

The making of Nigeria to become ICT compliant as a collective efforts and she enjoins all Nigerians to see the forth coming conference as an opportunity at Nigerian door step.


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