By Edmund A. Sakyi

Okyeame Kwame, over the past years has portrayed the quality content of his music with intriguing videos that reflect his skills as a musician. It of no wonder therefore that his videos either get nominated or awarded each year since the inception of the 4syte Music Video Awards. After the release of his highly inspirational song featuring J Martins, “Try (One More Time)”, much anticipation of how best the video will be have been raised.?


The video has been shot, and by Ghana’s most experienced video production media, Ohenemedia Studios. It is an embodiment of western and traditional arts and will be premiered soon.

“Try” inspires every listener to embrace determination and perseverance in times of desperation. Nigerian artiste, J Martins plays his part adding to the danceable song his melodic vocal.

To Okyeame Kwame, “This is a song that i wrote to encourage myself and all the people i love.” For that moment when there is no encouragement, that moment when it feels like stopping, Okyeame Kwame believes that it best to always “try another time”.

The song was produced by EL. Having worked with the Rap Dacter, EL reveals how experienced an artiste Okyeame Kwame is. ?Okyeame Kwame knows what he wanted from day one, which makes working with him trouble-free.?Okyeame is very detailed?, he said.

He was however pleased at Okyeame Kwame’s honesty as a rapper and his penchant to make sure his song comes out nicely. ?I have worked with many artistes as you may know but Okyeame Kwame is different?, he said, emphatically.

E.L. believes ?Try? will inspire people whenever they listen to it. To him, it is best that ?no matter how hard you have tried, if you have not seen what you need to see, try another time.?


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