The Ghanaian born reporter of Mercy Seat Radio in Belgium said the oil industry is yet to blossom in Ghana and the Sports Sector should take advantage to attract sponsorship and partnership in the construction of sports facilities and the supply or importation of Sports Equipment.

frankAccording to the veteran photo journalist who once worked with Kwabena Yeboah’s Africa Sports, Ghana has the talents even in the media and administration, so the expertise must be tapped and kept for posterity.

He commended the recent vibrant and very democratic sports media in Ghana and praised the leadership of Kwabena Yeboah who has revived the SWAG annual match and wants to take the Awards to a higher level.

Frank Sheriff also congratulated the Graphic Sports and the Electronic Media who are spearheading a crusade to make Ghana Sports better.

He charged Ghanaian football fans to prove their love for football by going to the stadia as well as the clubs also parading players who are worthy to be watched.

sheriffSheriff has represented the Ghana Media in a couple of International Events such as the FIFA Congress and AIPS Congress.

Mercy Seat Radio has in recent times been reporting some exciting news about Ghana. They are represented in Ghana by correspondents Sammy Heywood Okine and in the UK by William Ofei.

The Programme is produced by Nana Perprah, who has advised the Ghana Football Association (GFA) to find positive ways to enhance attendance to the National Premier League.

Source: Sammy Heywood Okine


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