abraham ohene-djan

Less than 24 hours after publishing that Ohene Media pays YouTube royalties to Ghanaian musicians my social media pages have been buzzing with disgruntled musicians and artist managers who disagree with the claims.

 Many artist say that Ohene Media is monetizing their videos without their consent or any contract and only pays artists when they raise questions about why they haven?t been paid.  Thus those that don?t even know that their videos are being monetized don?t get any money for their works. The disgruntled artists even included some that were listed in the article as beneficiaries.

One artist manager said that Ohene Media has no right to monetize works that don?t belong to it without  a prior contract and that even Google should be sued for ?giving such power? to  Ohene Media. He was unhappy that the article painted Ohene Media as the only establishment that can monetize videos for Ghanaian artists saying that his artist belongs to a different platform and that there are many other platforms. He urged Ghanaian musicians to demand that Ohene Media stops monetizing their works without their consent.

Watch out for a full feature on the issue soon!


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