The Oguaa Traditional Council (OTC) has expressed its displeasure with the celebration of “Orange Friday” street carnival, which has become part of the celebration of Fetu Afahye, saying the gods are unhappy with it.

“The gods of the land have warned us against the celebration of “Orange Friday” on the said date”, a press statement signed by Nana I.A Donkoh, Register of OTC, said.

The statement said the said Friday of the event was supposed to be a solemn day for sober reflection where a bull is slaughtered to cleanse the town and her people from any negative things done during the past year.

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It said the OTC has not received any official communication from the event organisers and they have not authorised the celebration of the event within the festive period.

The Council advised all individuals and entities that wished to organise any activity within the festive period to seek authorisation from them and urged the general public to desist from participating in the event.

The “Orange Friday” carnival was introduced in 2013 by a Cape Coast base radio station, Cape FM and is held on the Friday prior to the grand durbar to climax the festival.

With the orange dress code, representing the station’s colour, the carnival became an instant sensation and has grown to become the biggest street carnival in Ghana and the second in Africa.

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It has since become one of the activities to which many revelers, both young and old from far and near looked forward to each year.

The event is characterised by revelers wearing orange attire and trekking through some principal streets amidst music and dance with the orange dress code, representing the station’s colour.

However, last year, the event has sparked controversy following a decision by the OTC to call for a proposal from the radio station before it is authorises the event.

This has resulted in a legal tussle between the two parties with the OTC insisting that the necessary authorisation has not been given for the event.

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