The ?Poduo? and ?Sardine? hit maker Ofori Amponsah who until recently was a reigning King in the hilife industry of Ghana has reacted to questions which demanded of him whether he would advice his numerous fans to continue listening to his old songs.

Joining Kapital Radio?s host of the afternoon drive, NY DJ on Homestretch on a live on air interview prior to the ?Agape Incorporated Gospel Hilife 2? with Lord Kenya on Sunday September 30th in Kumasi, Ofori Amponsah who recently turned a new leaf was asked by callers whether they could still listen to his old songs or had to part way with them.

Answering the question, Ofori said;

                 ?I never sang profane songs in my entire life. I sang for matured minds who I believe were married and since I sang about the worldly love which is also important for man and woman, they could go ahead and listen but I wish they would allow me to direct them to experience the highest love I sing off now, which is the love of God?.

Ofori Amponsah is the latest after Morris Baby Face, Lazzy Dogg and Lord Kenya to join the league of ?circular? musicians who have switched camps to Christianity and promised to draw lives to Christ with their voices.

Ofori Amponsah is currently out with two new Gospel singles titled ?Asem No? and ?Sing Halleluiah? and which are amazingly doing well in Kumasi.

Source : Donkoh Ebenezer


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