The NDC Chairman for the Odododiodoo Constituency, Mr Daniel Nii Okai, has said that it is inappropriate for the Electoral Commission (EC) to set up registration centres at non-residential areas like the Accra Railway Station and the various markets in the Central Business District of the Accra Metropolis.

In an interview with the Ghana News Agency, Mr. Nii Okai intimated that constituents had been calling for the closure of those centres since 2004.

The NDC Odododiodoo Constituency Chairman further called on the Ghana Police Service to desist from interfering with the current biometric registration exercise in the constituency.

He pointed out that the Police are at the registration centres only to maintain law and order and should not involve themselves with the registration process.

According to Mr. Nii Okai, party agents at the various registration centres had reported that the Police were interfering with their work and that whenever they challenged prospective voters, the personnel intervene that everybody should be allowed to register.

Mr Okai explained that challenging the credibility of some people who sought to register was part of the registration process and criticised the Inspector General of Police (IGP) for his instruction to the police personnel to allow everyone who turns up to register to do so.

“They should not wait until people had gone through all the processes before raising objections about their eligibility” Mr Nii Okai retorted.

At a meeting between officials of the Electoral Commission and constituency executives of the NDC and NPP on the issue of challenges at the registration centres in the constituency, party agents and people challenging prospective voters were advised that the only persons allowed to interview prospective voters are the registration officers.

Officials of the Ashiedu Keteke EC explained that challengers should state the specific reason for their action, which would then be forwarded to a Review Committee.


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