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Thousands of Odessites are protesting today against the coup d’etat in Ukraine and the political repression that followed. They brought the flags of Ukraine, Russia and the Crimea, chanting “Ukraine and Russia stand together”, “Odessa is a Russian city”, “Odessa is against Nazis and oligarchs”, “Odessa, give Banderovites the bum’s rush”, “Referendum.”

The demonstrators demanded the release of Anton Davidchenko, the leader of the Coordinating Board of the Odessa region NGOs “People’s Alternative”, arrested by the Ukrainian special services, and to cease harassment of other activists accused of separatism. Davidchenko’s mother spoke at a rally and urged Ukrainian mothers not to let their sons “join the criminal war, that the nationalists and the oligarchs who seized the power in Kiev, are trying to unleash upon the fraternal Slavic peoples in the interests of their Western backers.”

“The authorities in Kiev are shouting about war with Russia, but in fact they are at war with their own people. The vast majority of Ukrainians do not support their policies, but Kiev prefers to ignore the opinion of the people, resorting to repressions instead,” city council member Sergei Bovbolan said.

“Bandits have come to power in Ukraine. It is useless to complain to the Attorney General – he is from the Svoboda party, and even the European Parliament urged not to cooperate with them,” city council member Gregory Kvasnyuk said. He blamed the events in the Crimea on the present authorities in Kiev, “who continue to do everything possible to split Ukraine.” Speakers at the rally called to stop the disinformation campaign waged in the local press, not to put pressure on TV channels which support the opposition and retransmit Russian programs.

“We will conduct such marches every Sunday to remind people about the constitutional right to peaceful assembly, local referendums. We do not organize clashes, do not kill policemen and government officials, like the Nazis did in the western regions and in Kiev. Nevertheless, those who usurped the power in Ukraine unleashed repressions against us, with the tacit approval of their fellow Western politicians. If our colleagues are not released and repressions continue, we will keep picketing at the office buildings and holding peaceful protests further. We will not use any radical methods, so as not to give them an opportunity to deal with us,” one of the organizers of the march, the leader of the Soprotivlenie (Resistance) public organization Rostislav Barda said.

At this moment the column counting thousands of demonstrators went through the main streets of the city. They plan to pay the Polish consulate a visit, to remind them of the Volyn massacre, during which the Banderovites cut tens of thousands of Poles. The procession also intends to visit the regional prosecutor’s office to pass the petition with their demands. The demonstration is held peacefully, despite accusations by the authorities that the organizers allegedly intend to attack the military units and raise a rebellion in the regions.

To counteract this, additional roadblocks have appeared these days on the border with Moldova and the unrecognized Transnistria, which consist of armed police officers and representatives of public organizations, their titles not yet specified. The representatives of the Euromaidan in Odessa, who held their own rally today, attended only by 200 people, have given the regional prosecutor a certain “blacklist.” It contains the names of the people subject to arrest, according to the Euromaidan participants: a former governor of the region, his deputies and assistants, the chairman of the local journalists organization. It also includes the names of the leaders of public organizations who organized in the Kulikovo Field square the gathering of signatures for a referendum on decentralization of power in Ukraine, the official status of the Russian language and determination of the country’s external policy. Rallies in support of these claims are held in Odessa every weekend.

Source:?The Voice of Russia


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