OccupyGhana has added its voice to?many Ghanaians calling to have certain identifiable groups labelled as security companies to be disbanded.


The group also condemned the comments of the Interior Minister, Mark Woyongo, for seeming to condone the existence of such groups as it is known in Ghana that these groups only seem to exist during elections to breed violence. The comments, OCCUPYGH said, are irresponsible and fuel divisionism in our body politic.

“His statement as indicated in media reports also smirks of state sponsored support for such groups and their behaviours. Additionally, it points fingers at a minister who is indirectly endorsing violence and vigilante behaviour and must be condemned without reservation.”
They said, they expected him to be professional in his duties and empower the Ghana Police to take swift action in bringing these thugs and their leaders to book, rather than condoning their existence.

“Officers of the state ought to recognize that they are paid by our taxes and therefore we expect a certain level of decorum and objective professionalism befitting of such positions. In recent times the requisite respect that should be afforded to officers of state has been all but wiped away by politically subjective comments and indecent verbal effusions by people in office. We find this deleterious to our democratic development and certainly disrespectful of the offices held.”
They indicated that?such groups which purportedly exist to ensure security of their partisan political paymasters have always been involved, one way or other, in undesirable violent misconducts during the political seasons.

The Northern part of Ghana has very recently come under notoriety with these groups having a go at their political opponents senselessly and needlessly spilling blood
“To condone their existence means to open the floodgates for anyone to marshal thugs all in the name of providing security in favour of one political group or another and inadvertently breeding violence. This currently exists in the political arena but could soon spread into other groupings and identities, by metamorphosing into terrorist cells and organizations and could degenerate into turning our dear country into a war zone.”

“…. These groups should not be allowed to operate whilst we have a national police force paid to objectively and without prejudice, to provide security and perhaps if the Minister for Interior instils confidence in the Ghana Police force these careless pronouncements will not occur.
We have also noticed that the inactions and omissions of the police on favour of the powers that be, has given need for these vigilante and ?security? groups. The police should be independent and objective in their mandate for peace and security. Their failure to act swiftly and accordingly gives reason and birth for these private security groups.”


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