Strike Syrian

Recent unjustified U.S. strikes against installations in Syria and backed by French and British forces, would fuel extremism in the region and delay any political solution, according to Tunisian observers.

Essia Atrous, the chief editor at the Arabophone Tunisian newspaper “Assabah” (The Morning), said the U.S. attacks on Syria were not a surprise.

Atrous said “( U.S. President) Donald Trump has only carried out his threats … that may fuel violence and terrorism in the region,” and “those strikes are (not only) without proof but also without the approval of the UN … raise questions about the usefulness of law and international justice.”

In this sense, Atrous said it is an illegal decision as well as an aggression emanating from an international system that based on lies and banditry.

Nizar Makni, a Tunisian analyst specializing in the Middle East and North Africa region, said the strike is a direct reaction to Bashar al-Assad’s domination of the Ghouta, which is the main front for all attempts to overthrow the ruling government in the depths of the capital Damascus.

In an exclusive interview with Xinhua, Makni said the strike has reflected that a tactical maneuver, which was against the epicenter of the Syria-Russia-Iran triangular alliance that manages to suppress rebel armed groups.

“This strike was conducted without any supporting evidence concerning the use of chemical weapons by the official forces in Douma, or even before the arrival of investigative specialists. Admitting the lack of authorization by the Security Council, such a strike is nothing but a violation of the sovereignty of a member State in this UN Council,” Makni said.

“The whole region and the people of this region are suffering the repercussions of such a military intervention,” Atrous said.

Early on Saturday, the United States, together with Britain and France, made “targeted strikes” on Syria, saying that the Syrian government was responsible for the alleged chemical attack in Doumawhile on April 7. According to the Syrian military, over 100 missiles were fired in this strick and the Syrian Foreign Ministry has condemned the attack, said it violated the international law and the UN Charter. Enditem


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