Obrafour says he does not need azonto music

Obrafour says he does not need azonto to stay relevant

Rap Sofo Obrafuor, who has been away from local showbiz circles since his big hit Kasiebo more than two years ago, says that he would not need the new, trendy and popular “azonto” rythms to keep him at the top rungs of the hiplife music ladder where he has always been.

“What has kept me at the top all this while has not been just the rhythm or melody of my music but more importantly it has been the message.I do songs that have substance; songs that give advice and encourage people to think positively and that has kept me in the game”, Obrafuor told Showbiz last week.

Azonto rythms are an offshoot of azonto dance, a fast paced expressive dance and music form that incorporates complex co-ordinated body movement and non-verbal communication in a rhythmic fashion.

The lyrical content of the music has often been criticised as panning to the vulgar and Obrafuor says he doesn’t need any of those to get his message across.

Well known for songs like Heavy, Pae Mu Ka, Asem Beba Dabi, Mama and Asem Sebe, Obrafuor told Showbiz, that since the year 2000 when he first came with his album Pae Mu Ka , he has never used a single vulgar or profane line in any song of his songs but still he is considered as one of the best hiplife artistes Ghana has ever had.

The hit-maker believes that the current crop of musicians do not do enough research to come out with good music. “As a musician you don’t just say anything that comes out from your mouth but think of the positive impact you make with the lyrics you put across, if musicians have this at the back of their minds, they will restrain from using such words” he said.

Obrafuor believes Ghanaians also are a contributing factor to musicians using vulgar and profane words in their songs. He explained that “quite recently, I observed that when one does a song with vulgar and profane words, Ghanaians embrace and even request for more and it’s amazing how such songs are able to win the hearts of Ghanaians to the extent that such songs are awarded”.

Obrafuor said he was not asking every hiplife musician to be like him but at least they should do songs that educate or make positive impact life.

The hiplife musician is currently putting together an album produced by Hammer of Last 2 which he says will be a blast when it hits the market.

Source Graphic Ghana


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