Following the decision of former president Olusegun Obasanjo to dump the ruling Peoples? Democratic Party (PDP), The chairman of the Board of Trustees (BoT) of the PDP, Chief Tony Anenih,?on Monday, dismissed the decision of the former president saying that ?leaders will not miss? his departure.
Speaking during a brief interview with state House Correspondents after meeting with President Jonathan, Chief Anenih said it is within Obasanjo?s right to dump the party.
Chief Obasanjo, who was president for eight years on the platform of the party, had hours earlier in his Abeokuta home? dumped the PDP by publicly tearing his membership card of the party.
According to Chief Anenih, ?He (Obasanjo) has the right to leave any party, and he has the right to join any party, he is a Nigerian? Anenih said.
When he was queried by reporters whether PDP would not miss Obasanjo, Anenih replied, ?why should we miss him?.?
Asked if the former president was not a big loss to the party, the BoT chairman said ?to us leaders it is not a loss.?


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