President Uhuru Kenyatta shakes hands with US president Barrack Obama
President Uhuru Kenyatta shakes hands with US president Barrack Obama

US President Barack Obama has told the BBC he will continue to deliver his “blunt message” to African leaders about gay rights and discrimination.


“I am not a fan of discrimination and bullying of anybody on the basis of race… religion… sexual orientation or gender,” he said.

Mr Obama is on his way to visit his ancestral home of Kenya and he will also go to Ethiopia.
He said the trip showed US commitment to fighting terror in East Africa.
In the wide-ranging interview with the BBC’s North America editor Jon Sopel before he left Washington, President Obama also said:

His failure to pass “common sense gun safety laws” in the US was the greatest frustration of his presidency
The UK must stay in the EU to have influence on the world stage
He is confident the Iran nuclear deal will be passed by Congress
Syria needs a political solution in order to defeat the Islamic State group
Despite racial tensions, the US is becoming more diverse and more tolerant.

It will be Mr Obama’s first visit to Kenya since becoming president.
He will also become the first US leader to address the African Union when he travels on to Ethiopia on Sunday.
With hours to go till Mr Obama lands in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi is in lockdown with many streets closed and people opting to stay at home.

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