Musa Jack Ngonadi, a 47-year-old man spent 22 years in jail an American prison after he was arrested on November 18, 1992.

Musa Jack NgonadiHe was arrested by agents of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and the United States Customs Service for conspiring to import in excess of one kilogramme of heroin.

Musa Ngonadi was sentenced to 40 years in prison for smuggling heroin even though he pleaded innocent to the charges.


However on Novermber 2, 2015, Musa Ngonadi walked out of Taft Correctional Facility, Bakersfield in California as a free man.

Musa Ngonani when spending time at the Correctional Facility, enrolled in a university and successfully graduated with a degree in law as a prison inmate.

Reports say, Ngonani was  a role model and a legal adviser to all inmates as he carried  himself with dignity and was a source of inspiration to co-inmates who had given up on life.



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