Ghanaian popular gospel musician based in South Africa Obaa-sima Mercy Hammond is finally back from South Africa with her Fifth album titled ?SIYABONAIGA JESU?, which means we thank Jesus

obaaThe musician who shared few experience about her stay and music career in South Africa said that though Ghanaians like South African music, South African also likes Ghanaian (West African) music but just that they don?t get much from Ghana.

Speaking about why she stayed longer before coming back to Ghana, to continue with her music career, she said that she was making good money from her personal business and also the music was paying and going on well.

?In south-Africa they don?t joke with business, so though I was not really looking at the money aspect I, I had no reasons not to leave south ?Africa after they accepted my music. But I felt I needed to let my country know more about my music and my ministry, so decided to come back to Ghana to promote my album? She said.

Obaasima added that, though her fifth album was fully completed, it all fully made to suit the South-African market, so she has just decided to remix some of the tracks which can be accepted by all Ghanaian.

By: Nii Okai


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