Nzulezu Village
Nzulezu Village

A resort facility to be known as ?Karela Beach Resort? will be opened on Dec 20 to serve tourists who visit the Nzulezu village in the Joromo District

Nzulezu Village
old Nzulezu Village

The Resort, located at Beyin near the junction to Nzulezu village and also two kilometres from the Ghana Gas Processing Plant in the Ellembele District, is a four-star hotel.

Mr David Bigridi, the Managing Director, told journalists that the Resort is strategically positioned to serve as both resting and preparatory joint for tourists who desire to visit the Nzulezu site.

He said it was also to serve as a ?home out of home joint? for tourists across the world, with its ultramodern luxurious facilities.

Mr Bigridi said the facility has 250 capacity conference hall and will render both surfing services to clients as well as provide boat ride trips to Nzulezo.

It has two restaurants, a swimming pool and a bar, as well as a grill hut where clients would have the pleasure of selecting from the pond their preferred catch.

He said the Resort will serve both continental and traditional dishes, especially rabbit meat, popularly known as ?white meat? as one of its special delicacies.



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