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The Association of Graduates in Skills Development-Ghana (AGSD-GH) commends the National Youth Authority (NYA) for planning a one day stakeholders’ dialogue on the theme GHANA’S GREATEST ECONOMIC CHALLENGE. JOBS FOR THE YOUTH with 120 Chief Executive Officers (CEO) from the banking, mining, oil and gas, retail, telecommunication and pharmaceutical and health services sectors on September 20, 2017 at Alisa Hotel, Accra.

As an Association that is genuinely concerned about the plight of the unemployed, we cannot conceal our excitement about this event. AGSD-GH has a core mandate to help find practical solutions to unemployment with majority of our members nationwide either looking for an opportunity or struggling to sustain an opportunity. This move that aims to find lasting solutions to unemployment must be commended. Unemployment rate among the youth keeps soaring and needs urgent attention. Therefore any move seeking to advocate for Corporate Ghana to direct its Corporate Social Responsibility into youth development activities is welcomes since it is in the interest of all youth groups.

While we commend the organisers, we also call on corporate organisations in Ghana to invest more now than they have done in the past towards the development of the youth who constitute majority of our active workforce. We must not risk the future of the youth. Unemployment remains a national security threat. We must find better alternatives for our youth. We must reap from the investment we made into the lives of our youth. We must not allow our youth to be unproductive because they ought to contribute to national development. We humbly request AngloGold Ashanti, KPMG and other corporate institutions to wholeheartedly support youth development initiatives by the National Youth Authority with the aim of helping develop our youth like they have done in South Africa with the South African Graduates Development Association (SAGDA) and elsewhere. The youth needs support to develop their skills and expand and implement ideas. The youth needs support to fund and shape ideas, the youth needs mentorship to update their skills. All this can be achieved with support from corporate organisations in Ghana.

Source: Association of Graduates in Skills-Development (AGSD-GH)


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