West African Cricket
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The North West African Cricket Conference invitational tour, has been postponed again to June/July after it was postponed from it’s original date March to April.

West African Cricket
West African Cricket
The tournament which is for Seniors will be hosted by Nigeria who are also preparing for an ICC WCL div 5 qualifiers at the farmers Cricket Club ground, in Saint Martin on May 21 as original date agreed for the T20 in Nigeria wouldn’t favour them.

The Nigeria Cricket Federation (NCF) are therefore uncertain with a particular date for the tourne which will see Ghana, Sierra Leone, Gambia and Mali battle for the swiftest.

The Senior team of Ghana were supposed to have left the shores of the country April 25 and return from the tournament which was to start on Wednesday April 27.

The National team of Ghana have been training (Playing Captains Series) only on Saturday’s at the Achimota Cricket Oval, still adequately preparing and ready for any eventuality.

The NCF should be understood for the frequent postponement because the ICC WCL DIV 5 qualifiers is an ODI.

With these reasons, the T20 is likely to be called off, or pushed further, later in the year; and all depends on the readiness of the NCF.

By:Davis Attuquaye Clottey


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