nwa Sons of rap groups NWA and Run DMC in talks over a reality TV show dubbed ?Seeds of Hip Hop?

The sons of two pioneering Hip-Hop groups are currently shopping a reality show, according to new reports. TMZ.com reports that the sons of rap groups Run-DMC and N.W.A are teaming for a new reality show being shopped titled ?Seeds of Hip Hop.? The reality show is slated to feature Jam Master Jay?s son, Jason Mizell, as well as Curtis Young, son of Dr. Dre. In addition the aforementioned cast members, Eazy-E?s son Eric Wright Jr., MC Ren?s son Anthony Dunbar and E-40’s son Droop-E are all attached to the show. ?Seeds of Hip Hop? is being produced by D?Extra Wiley, who was a former member of 90’s R&B group II D Extreme. ?Seeds of Hip Hop? is being shopped to networks like VH1, Fuse, BET and others.


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