Rapper, Nuru
Rapper, Nuru

Most people in the entertainment industry get excited when their names pop up in events which are meant to award them but the question will always remain; ‘Do they really deserve to be commended?’

Rapper, Nuru
Rapper, Nuru

Ghana’s biggest music event, the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards remains a major discourse on many Showbiz platforms. From Radio, online media, newspapers to TV, analysts are discussing the event. Awards has always had its criticism from the nomination phase to award winners and people from all walks of life get the opportunity to talk, rant and dissect it with different mind-set to suit their individual understanding.


In most cases, board members of these schemes lack independence from the organisers. Event organisers should not influence the award scheme and have to just make sure the necessary logistics and process are set in place.

It is also believed that, people who take a negative stance on these schemes get rewarded in subsequent editions. But does personal feuds and vendetta play a role in who gets listed or not?

Needless to say, where’s there’s money and public acclaim involved, we should not be surprised that the competitive nature of the industry trips over itself.


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