Congolese asylum-seekers

Zambia has recorded an increase in the number of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) refugees seeking asylum in the last three months of 2019, an official said on Friday.

Abdon Mawere, Commissioner for Refugees in Zambia’s Ministry of Home Affairs, said the number of DRC refugees has continued to rise and that the country was receiving about 200 asylum seekers per month from the previous 100 per month.

“The number of asylum seekers from the DRC started dwindling at the beginning of 2019 after the elections in that country but this is not the case now as the numbers have begun to swell,” state-run news agency, the Zambian News and Information Service (ZANIS), quoted him as saying.

The official said his office was concerned with the increasing number because it means more resources were required to take care of asylum seekers.

The new arrivals were being taken to Meheba, a refugee camp in northwestern Zambia, where over 20,000 refugees from the DRC and other countries were currently being hosted.

According to him, the asylum seekers were coming from the northeast of the DRC, a region that was still experiencing sporadic fighting between militias.

Zambia is currently hosting over 84,000 refuges, former refugees and persons of concern, with most of them from the DRC. Enditem


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