Street Children
Street Children

The number of children living and working on the streets is on the rise in Namibia, officials said Tuesday.

Speaking at a high level stakeholder’s roundtable meeting, Ministry of Gender Equality and Child Welfare officials said there were hundreds of children living and working on the streets.


This was revealed by a study the ministry conducted on children living and working on the streets in Namibia’s capital Windhoek.

According to the ministry, interventions are needed to prevent the situation from spiralling out of control.

The ministry said even though the majority of street children have always been boys, more girls are starting to live on the street making them vulnerable to sexual exploitation.

“Children commonly survive by getting their needs met through begging, commercial sex, drug abuse and drug trafficking. They are subjected to social, physical and emotional abuse,” the ministry said.

The ministry is now working on a draft national strategy focusing on the prevention, protection and rehabilitation of street children to prevent the situation from becoming worse.

The high level stakeholders roundtable meeting on children living and working in the streets comes after the National Assembly approved the Child Care Protection Act.

The Act focuses on the best interests of the child and provides for new structures to give children better protection. Enditem


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