The National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS) wishes all Ghanaians especially its constituents comprising
students of this country, home and abroad the best of this festive
season as we climax the momentous birth of Christ with merrymaking and also welcome the 2015 calendar year.


The year 2014 has undoubtedly been characterized by several ups and downs, trials and tribulations, omissions and commissions, successes and failures, challenges and opportunities, twists and turns in all facets of our national life but all in all, the year is ending in a triumphant style. We therefore owe it a duty to express monumental gratitude to our Maker for seeing us through the year with His usual overwhelming benedictions.

In as much as we have every reason to celebrate, we wish to admonish all and sundry to let circumspection and moderation
be our guiding principles in whatever we do in order to ensure incident free yuletide. Ghana needs all of us
alive and the very least we could do is to ensure that we eschew actions that might jeopardize our lives.

Let?s use this season to reflect on the past years,
learn lessons and draw the necessary inspirations where it
matters. In other words, we should celebrate with
care and use this season to soberly reflect on the
contributions we can make in ensuring that Ghana becomes a better place for all. The year 2015 promises to be more fascinating than ever and we pray that Almighty God continue to overwhelm us with His bountiful blessings and incalculable favours.

The leadership of NUGS once again wishes to assure Ghanaian students and the youth at large that we are poised to delivering on
our core mandate and that 2015 shall be the turning point in the annals of student leadership where
we shall all witness the absolute restoration of
confidence in student leadership.

We further wish to assure our partners on this journey that we are going to be very open to dialogue, constructive engagements, negotiations and also use other legitimate means to drum home our needs. We appreciate your support and cooperation so far.

As a country on the move, we should also endeavour to use this opportunity to pray for our country, the union and for that matter the Ghanaian student

Once again, Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year

Thank you.


Iddi Muhayu-deen
General Secretary

Prosper Dzitse


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