As the whole world marks the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS) sends its best wishes to all Christians especially Ghanaian students and students across the globe.

The Scripture teaches us that Easter is a period of sombre reflection over the excruciating sacrifices Christ went through in order for you and I to enjoy salvation from the bondage of darkness and sin. This season therefore reminds us of our responsibilities to God, fellow man and indeed our nation at large.


We remember the wonderful grace of God, who loves man so much that He gave us His Son to die for us in order that we enjoy salvation and be granted everlasting life. We should therefore use this occasion to recommit ourselves to following His good examples of love, care, empathy, magnanimity and compassion to one another. We should also endeavor to use this Easter celebration to renew and strengthen our faith in God and His doctrines.

Indeed, we all have every reason to celebrate the triumphant life and demise of Christ who sacrificed everything including His life for the sake of mankind.

We however wish to call for circumspection and moderation in the celebrations because no amount of celebration or enjoyment is worth one’s life. Ghana and for that matter the rest of the world needs everyone alive before, during and in the aftermath of the celebration.

Once again NUGS wishes all a Happy Easter.
May Almighty God continue to bless our dear country and make her greater and stronger.

Thank you.

Long live NUGS
Long live mother Ghana


Iddi Muhayu-deen
(General Secretary)

Prosper Dzitse


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