Press Statement Of National Union Of Ghana Students On The

Adjournment Of Its Annual Residential Congress

The National Union of Ghana Students informs the general public that its 47th Annual National Residential Congress held on the Miotso campus of the Central University College, has been adjourned sine die.

The Steering Committee ?in tandem with? the NUGS 2008 ?amended constitution duly suspends all National Officers for negligence of responsibility and the sacrifice of student interest for private parochial gains, which includes their inability to present a State of the Union`s address and an audited financial statement for the 2012/2013 NUGS year.

The Union futher per consensus of the Steering Committee of Congress is suspended with immediate effect the judicial committte for engaging its arbitration responsibilities in electoral parochial gains. The IMC and the Steering Committee would contract the electoral commission of Ghana to oversee the emergency congress to be re-called as a result of the suspension of the Electoral Commission formed at Congress

The Steering Committee assures delegates firmly of its commitment to convene an emergency congress to enable students exercise their franchise in fulfilment of the constitutional mandate of Congress to elect new national officers.

Wherefore the authority to re-convene an emergency congress rests solemly on the shoulders and remits of the Interim Management Committee formed out of the steering committee and in consultation with the steering committee same.

This press statement is carried for and on behalf of the delegates of the 47th NUGS Annual Residential Congress today 27TH August, 2013.

NUGS must count and congress is committed to ploughing our path to relevance within the Ghanaian development space.

National officers are to hand over properties of the Union to the Steering Committee within 48hrs, to this end the NUGS account stands frozen until congress determines otherwise

The conscience of the Students of Ghana reigns supreme over any other minority and sectorial ambitions for this is the National Union of Ghana Students.


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