The National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS) condemns in strong terms the statement of Hon. Moses Asaga the Minister of Employment and Social Welfare that, “It’s because of the proliferation of university colleges in this country… admitting mediocre students,” that is why there is graduate joblessness.

He furthered that, “everybody comes out with the psychology that I have graduated from a university, when in actual fact even if you follow the grades people are getting those people would not be calling themselves as qualified university graduates.”

NUGS sees the Minister’s statement as hugely unfortunate for the President Mills Government and it is a clear testament of attempts by persons of high positions to shift Governments inability to innocent persons and institutions in the country. If the Government cannot handle the growing unemployment rate in Ghana the President should tell Ghanaians.

We will not have Ministers who have been appointed to fix certain challenges whine as a way of saying that, “I can’t do it”. If you cannot handle the issues Hon. Moses Asaga please step down now!

NUGS is therefore calling on the Minister to retract his unfortunate comment and apologize to the good people of Ghana.

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