3rd November, 2013


Ahead of the November 16 governorship election in Anambra state, Ndigbo United for Democracy has adopted and endorsed Dr. Willie Obiano of All Progressives Grand Alliance as the best and right person to pilot the affairs of the state.

Anambra state has been the light of igboland, indeed the nation with great personalities like Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe (Zik of Africa) and Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu, the People?s General. It is the most industrialized and sophisticated state in the South East.

Governor Peter Obi has done a tremendous work since March 2006 he assumed office as the Chief Executive of the State. It is appropriate that a credible candidate who will build on the solid foundations he laid be voted into power. The rivalry, bickering and acrimony among politicians resulting to systematic destruction of their predecessors? legacies and achievements made us to see some of the politicians aspiring for governor of Anambra state with jaundiced eyes. The outbursts of these politicians on campaign trails exposed their hidden agenda to rip off the state and crucify their opponents.

We are of the view that Obiano has the maturity, credibility and managerial acumen to pilot the affairs of Anambra State and attract local and foreign investors to the state and retain various development partners working with Peter Obi?s government.

The overall interest of the masses supersedes partisan politics and personal aggrandizement. It will be suicidal for any voter to mortgage the destiny of this generation of Anambranians and future generations at the altar of political porridge and patronage.

We urge the good people of Anambra state to stand up and be counted in this election by voting for APGA and Willie Obiano for governor.

Every Igbo person has soft spot for APGA regardless of his or her political persuasion. It is our heritage and symbol of our political authority in Nigeria?s hostile political horizon.

The great Anambrarians honoured Dim Ojukwu?s last wish that Peter Obi should be re-elected on 10th February 2010. Today, as we remember the Great Ikemba and Great Zik of Africa whose birthday coincides with the 16th November gubernatorial election, APGA should be voted into power. Moreso, Zik?s United Peoples Grand Alliance (UPGA) also had a cock as its logo or symbol same as APGA. This is our chance to uphold the political heritage of our progenitors. Why not the best!


Director, Media and Publicity


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