nairaI wrote a few days ago about the shock from NSC rising to query the illegal Football Federation demands for N250Million funding on expenditures fully paid by FIFA because there is nothing else to explain such feeling since the Athletics Federation (AFN) perpetrated this fraud for many years and as the article that caused this response being penned a demand few days ago was made through Vanguard newspaper articles written by Ben Efe. However, but a pundit demands proof. Well, here you go.

The electronic link is at:? and the text follows:


?1?The IAAF and Area Associations

The IAAF’s largest and most important system of grants to Member Federations is its support for training, travel, and accommodation costs related to the World Championships in Athletics and other World Athletic Series events. The IAAF also makes smaller grants to assist Member Federations with the costs of basic administrative facilities and equipment as well as for special projects (see Chapter 2). Eligibility and procedure policies vary according to the event and specific information is available from the General Secretary.

2?The International Athletic Foundation

The International Athletic Foundation supports projects which promote the development of athletics. IAAF Member Federations may present project proposals for consideration by the Foundation’s Council. Further information may be obtained directly from the International Athletic Foundation.?

A simple arithmetic by seven years old will say something is wrong when Solomon Ogba borrowed money to attend World Championships, turn over some copy of receipts (bogus or not) to the IAAF for reimbursements as noted above and got paid. Upon return to Nigeria, the same Solomon Ogba made demands to NSC with another copy of the same receipts (bogus or not) and got paid. The question is whether NSC knew or should have known that this is going on, either way, the news cannot be good for Bolaji Abdullahi, the Sports Minister because he was informed of such activities long before Football Federation make their request and he did nothing.

The key to all of this is the hypocrisy syndrome within NSC that ordinarily that some Nigerians consider as way of things but how do we effect change with such idiocy and expect to reach greater heights? The President talks about transformation but people at NSC clearly have different things in mind by using the media budget of about N30Million to propagate against the President Goal and Aspirations for sports. Oh, well I may not know so but I doubt if I am wrong because no one in Nigeria remain happy in the downward direction sports in Nigeria is heading.



Way Forward

Briefly, I reiterate, funding to all sports federations must stop with immediate effect because NSC must be restructured due to good for nothing people pulling down the country rather than advancing the country in the area of sport. NSC is a supposedly a commission but it does not have any commissioner and even the Sports Minister said its workers are incompetent. Again I ask, for what purpose do we need NSC full of incompetent people being defrauded left, right and center. NSC actions had been reduced to just correct problems its staff created at greater costs to the nation along with being the paymaster to foreign organizations in the name of sports federations. Frankly, this is share nonsense based on Sports Minister account of own Ministry.

I do hope I have shed some light on why not just illegal Football Federation should be probed but also AFN and others. The hypocrisy is too great and fraud or criminal acts have no expiration date, therefore, the Federal Government must seek recovery of all funds paid to AFN, Football Federation and others. This is a matter of urgency and on another note I was informed that NSC hired former drug suspended athletes as special adviser, so no one should expect that our athletes will stop using drugs to enhance their performance as the NSC is celebrating drug violators.


I rest


Dr. Rashid A. Balogun, CPA, LLB(Hons.), LLM(London)


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