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A road safety campaign to promote discipline on the roads and prevent accidents, as preparation towards the Christmas, has been launched in Kumasi.

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It is being spearheaded by Micjoy Advertising, Jackson College of Education and National Road Safety Commission (NRSC).

The campaign involves visits to lorry terminals, schools, churches and mosques to help the people to put premium on safety to reduce car crashes and the resultant fatalities and injuries.

Mr Thomas Bismark Boakye, Ashanti Regional Director of the NRSC, described the rate of car crashes in the region over the years as unacceptably high and he put the blame on reckless driving.

?Ashanti Region has recorded more than 1, 000 deaths from accidents in the last three years,? he said, adding that, more than 3, 500 others have also been injured.

Mr Boakye said studies have shown that about half of the 4.2 per cent disabled Ghanaian population suffered their predicament through road accidents.

Road accident is said to be the second leading cause of deaths in the country after malaria.

The NRSC Regional Manager called for stiffer punishment for motor-traffic offenders to inspire good conduct among road users.

Michael Nana Ampong, Chief Executive Officer of Micjoy, said the campaign is targeting drivers, passengers, pedestrians, students, as well as identifiable groups.

Road safety, he said, is the responsibility of all, and appealed to churches to use the pulpit to create awareness about motor-traffic issues to minimise the carnage on the roads.

Mrs Theodosia Jackson, Principal of the Jackson College of Education, appealed to drivers to avoid speeding, drunk-driving and other unhealthy practices that tend to put the lives of people at risk.



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