wpid-Murdertitle.jpgA political ?youth group?associated with the New Patriotic Party (NPP) known as the Kandaha Boys in Tamale Aboabo has disassociated itself from the shooting incident which claimed one life in Tamale on Monday March, 10.

The Kandaha boys were linked to the death of one Mustapha Abdul Rashid, who was killed by unknown assailants near the Aboabo?forest?in Tamale.

Some?residents?of Tamale suspected Abdul Rashid?s death was in?retaliation?to the death of one Mohammed Nasir at Sagnarigu who happened to be a member of the NPP Kandaha Boys group.

But Secretary to the Kandaha Boys, Anyass Gazali told?Citi?News?they were innocent.

?We as members of Kandaha have disassociated ourselves from what happened yesterday in the afternoon; we have put our case before the police to?investigate?and get those involved arrested.?

Meanwhile, Secretary to the Yaa-Naa Memorial?Lecture?Secretariat, Mahama Shaibu?accused?NPP and NDC leadership in the area of supplying arms to the youth in Tamale to cause mayhem.

?Anytime political activities are approaching some of the politicians secretly arm the youth to defend their interests and when everything is over is difficult for the politicians to retrieve the guns.?

He insisted that politicians from the two major?political parties?have always interfered with the independent operations of police in the area.

?Anytime anybody who has anything to do with the NPP or the NDC commits a?crime?and is arrested by the police these politicians go to the police to plead for their release and this has led to the culture of impunity.?

He?continued?saying, ?Lack of political will and impunity has given birth to something that is very dangerous and that has to do with the fact that it has affected the?moral?of the police service in the northern region: simply put, it has desecrated the sanctity of the police service in the northern region and because of that the policy of the police towards?fighting crime?in the region has now become so drift and inadequate.?

In a sharp?rebuttal, the NPP?northern?regional Chairman, Mr. Daniel Bugri?Naabu?refuted claims that the Kandaha Boys murdered Mustapha Abdul Rashid.

?I?don?t think Kandaha Boys are aware who might have caused it and they have no hands in the mob killing.?

He,?however called?for ceasefire to let peace prevail in the entire northern region.

?I talked to the youth and asked them to stay cool so that it doesn?t create problems for us in the region.?

Tamale North NDC?Chairman, Alhaji Osman Musah called on the?security agencies?to be proactive in dealing with lawlessness in the area.

?Since this government came to power 2009 we the party leaders in the northern region are trying our best as possible to maintain peace in town and we are ready to assist the police to double their steps in?dealingwith the criminals.?

He cautioned the youth against acts of lawlessness saying, ?This time round we are ready to come out and search for those behind those things, so we are warning the youth groups who decide to take the law into their own hands that when the police arrest them they should not blame the party?leadership.?

By: citifmonline.com


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