The Executive Director of the Ghana Free Zones Board (GFZB), Kwadwo Twum Boafo has warned that the greatest threat to the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) retaining power is the lies the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) is peddling on the free Senior High School (SHS) education they claim to implement when elected into power.

The NPP has promised to provide free SHS education to students when it wins the mandate of Ghanaians in the December 2012 polls.

Kwadwo Twum Boafo, speaking on Radio Gold Saturday condemned the campaign promise by the NPP and warned that the lies hold the potential threat to the NDC?s chances of retaining power to continue its Better Ghana Agenda.

He said, ?The greatest danger to the NDC being re-elected in 2012 is that lie that the New Patriotic Party and their flagbearer are perpetuating that they are going to provide free SHS to the people of this country.?

The GFZB Boss admonished members of the NDC to embark on massive campaign to dismiss the ?unsustainable? lies being used by the NPP to deceive Ghanaians to win votes.

The NDC, he noted, as far back as the 1980s saw it fit to start the science resource centres and also build pavilions to provide quality education to school going children.

672 emergency class room blocks and dormitories, Kwadwo Twum Boafo disclosed, have been built in this current administration stating, ?We are aiming to make secondary education accessible to students”.

That accessibility, he however stressed, ?does not predicate itself on running around and saying that I am going to provide free education to you when you have not been able to cost it.?

He bashed Nana Akufo-Addo for lying to Ghanaians that the policy will cost 78 million when there are about 720,000 SHS students in the country. Per that estimation, he pointed out that, GHc36 will be spent on each student per-term, and quizzed if parents pay GHc36 for their ward?s SHS education when averagely GHc600 is spent on each student.

Kwadwo Twum Boafo expressed worry that organisations, like the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) and the Presbyterian Church, have failed to condemn the lies being peddled by the NPP.


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