Dr Mahamudu Bawumia

The Member of Parliament for the Nsawam-Adoagyiri constituency, Hon. Frank Annor-Dompreh has rubbished claims by the Daily Post newspaper that members in the NPP were hatching diabolical plans to kill Dr. Bawumia and blame it on the NDC anytime soon.

The paper likened the NPP to a wounded lion waiting to plunge the ?country into anarchy if it will give them political power?.

Another portion of the publication highlighted that ?with their desperation, it is not beyond them to knock Bawumia off and blame it on the NDC to trigger a violent reaction from their supporters, especially, the undiscerning?.

The story also attributed a comment by Hon. Frank Annor-Dompreh for the nation to provide Dr. Bawumia with 24 hour protection, to signs which show that some elements in the NPP want to force the renowned economist to his early grave.

But in an interview with Okay FM, Hon. Frank Annor Dompreh flatly denied the ?useless? spin which had been attached to his suggestion.

He pointed out that based on the status Dr. Bawumia has assumed as key witness in the ongoing trail; it was prudent for the nation to make provisions to protect him on daily basis.

?If the Daily Post newspaper want tobattach spins to what I have said just to create negative impressions, it would have been better for them to have spoken to me to find out what I exactly said. I have never said anywhere that the NPP were planning to assassinate Dr. Bawumia?, he said.



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