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Article 9(D)(3) of our party?s constitution dictates that ?National Officers shall be elected at a National Delegates Conference by a simple majority of the votes cast and shall hold office for four years.?? Premised on this provision in our constitution, on April 12th?2014, party members will be converging at Tamale to elect National Executive Officers for the next four political years.? To our party, this will be the first of its kind in Tamale since the inception of the fourth republic.? And this has triggered a huge euphoria and fanfare among all members of our great tradition, and around the party business-awaiting delegates in the Savanna city.

In fact, NPP-USA has been monitoring the campaign by various aspirants for the National Executive positions, and we must say that, we are highly impressed by the level of vigor and enthusiasm shown by candidates to serve our party and country.? We commend the campaigns run so far.? It has clearly deepened and highlighted the democratic principles in our tradition.

As the party journeys to the North, we cannot but ask for God?s blessings and traveling mercies unto all.? We call on all members who will be present at the conference to show love to one another, and be accommodating to dissenting opinions.? Let us be guided by the ultimate purpose for which we will be gathering in Tamale: winning political power in 2016.

Indeed, the caliber of men and women lined up in this contest for various positions clearly depicts a party that has what it takes to turn the current predicament of our country around for the better.? However, not all of these candidates can make it up to the list of National Executive officers who will be holding the fort of our party in the subsequent years.? We will therefore pray on all to show solidarity and commitment to those who will be elected.

Let the party come out of Tamale more united than ever before, ready to empower its people to secure political victory. There will be no winners and losers in Tamale; NPP will be the ultimate winner. Let us rekindle the spirit and sense of purpose that formed the United Party. Let unity reign in Tamale, for it is a very crucial ingredient as we position ourselves for Election 2016.

We wish all aspirants well in the pursuit of their dream, aspiration and vision to serve our party and country.

May the best persons win!

Public Relations Committee, NPP-USA


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