The majority in parliament says it will question the presence of minority MPs on the Appointment?s Committee when vetting of new appointees begins next week.

The Deputy Clerk of Parliament has announced through a statement that six nominees for ministerial appointments will be vetted on Thursday and Friday.

But contrary to earlier reports, there are indications the New Patriotic Party (NPP) MPs who are members of the Appointments Committee will participate in the vetting.

But an NDC member of the committee, Sampson Ahi told XYZ News in an interview that it will be embarrassing for the minority after they boycotted the inauguration of the President who made the appointments.

According to Hon. Ahi, if the NPP does not recognize President Mahama as the duly elected president of Ghana, there is no vreason why they should sit to vet the president?s minister-designates.

?The very president that you refused to recognize and that you did not participate in his inauguration, it will be double standard for the NPP to participate in the vetting,? he said.

He averred that as a matter of principle, the NPP should stay out of the vetting and not take Ghanaians for a ride adding, ?this kind of attitude should not be tolerated in our country.?



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