NPP supporters at the rally

THE BEKWAI cocoa shield arena was turned into a human sea for more than five hours on Tuesday as thousands of New patriotic Party (NPP) supporters and activists converged there for the first Ashanti rally to set the tone for the party’s campaign in the region.

Led by National Organizer, Alhaji Mutah Bamba, the party announced its readiness to assume power with the view to better the lot of Ghanaians.

Amid thunderous applause and cheers from the crowd, the rally began with speeches by some Members of Parliament and the party’s regional capos who downgraded the much touted economic success of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) government.

Speaker after speaker described the NDC and its members as apologists of deceit and vain propaganda who have nothing good to offer Ghanaians except to dissipate state coffers and therefore must be voted out.

Former Council of State member, Nana Asonaba Dapaah said Ghanaians had become more impoverished under the present government than any other, after President Mills failed to provide the needed leadership for the country.

According to him, Ghana was gradually slipping back into the arena of the Highly Indebted Poor Countries bracket again due to the mass borrowing of money by the NDC government which   is not being expended on useful ventures.

“While President Kufuor went in for grants, President Mills is going in for loans. The reason is not farfetched – the Council of State has become a rubber stamp with one man Kofi Awonor running the show,” he stated.

Mr. Dapaah said the cost of living and doing business had gone up with the cedi depreciating so badly, thereby putting businesses at a disadvantage.

Stephen Amoah, a member of the party, said the nation’s debt threshold had been increased from $8.1 billion in 2008 to $23.4 billion within the last three years.  

Affectionately called Sticker, the NPP firebrand argued that Ghana had been plunged into serious economic hardship with astronomical tax rates and charges.

NPP National Organizer, Alhaji Mutah Bamba asked members of the party to remain resolute and steadfast in the face of violent attacks and intimidation being suffered at the hands of NDC goons.

 From Ernest Kofi Adu, Bekwai

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