By Margaret Jackson




Ghanaians need to know the true posture of the NPP, a party that claims to be the pillar of democracy and a believer in the rule of law.? For the last few days the true colours of the NPP has come into sharper focus as they continue to attack innocent Ghanaians because they are bent on taking power at all cost.


Ghanaians woke up last week Saturday to learn that NPP supporters have besieged a private property at Dzorwulu in Accra, wildly claiming that election results were being manipulated in the building. Hundreds of NPP supporters trooped to the premises which house an Israel company that is reported to have been contracted by the Electoral Commission (EC) to aid in the transmission of election results.


But for the timely and swift intervention of the security personnel who were detailed to the place blood would have been spilt. Even when the AU Observer Mission led by former Nigerian President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo went to the premises to reason with the NPP supporters, they snubbed him.


At that same time another group of NPP supporters also laid siege to the offices of the National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO) threatening to burn down the premises and kill its Director Mr. Kofi Portuphy.


Again, the NPP supporters in their wildest imagination claimed that some ballot papers had been lodged at the NADMO premises, thereby searching everybody who was entering or leaving the building.? When Mr. Portuphy went to the offices to ascertain the true picture of the situation, he was resorted to a brutal search by these NPP hooligans most of them under the influence of alcohol.


Things however came to a head when Joy News, Metro TV and Peace FM called the presidential election in favour of President John Mahama based on their projections. The NPP which had in the past taken anything that comes from these stations to the bank felt that it was an abomination for them to state that President Mahama had won the elections.


The Metro TV got the first taste of the ?All die be die? mantra. A vehicle belonging to the company was smashed by angry NPP supporters who attempted to lynch the reporting crew in that vehicle. Luck however smiled on them when they were rescued. But the NPP supporters took matters to a different level when they sent a text message that they were going to burn down the offices of Metro TV. As I write, there is a heavy security presence at the Metro TV offices.


The Joy News team that was part of the convoy of the AU Chairman, Yayi Boni who was heading to the residence of Nana Akufo-Addo for a meeting was attacked by NPP supporters who clubbed and destroyed the branded vehicle belonging Joy News. If the security personnel had not swiftly intervened the news team would have been murdered. The news team later had to take refuge at the Nima Police Station in order to avoid being lynched.


The NPP hooligans also vented their spleen on some NDC supporters who were heading to the Victory Rally organized by the NDC at the Kwame Nkrumah Circle in Accra yesterday. Whilst two cars with NDC supporters were attacked and destroyed others walking on foot were chased with clubs and other arsenals. All these happened at the traffic light close Akufo-Addo?s residence at Nima in Accra.


At Adenta in Accra, is was reported that some NDC supporters who were celebrating following the announcement that President Mahama had retained power were attacked with clubs and machetes and severely wounded.


Ghanaians have so far not heard anything from Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, the twice defeated presidential candidate of the NPP. We all know that all these pockets of violence are being done because Akufo-Addo had time and time again informed his supporters that the 2012 elections must be won at all cost. Therefore, if we are seeing these acts of violence from several fronts one is inclined to point to the source: Akufo-Addo.


Akufo-Addo, who claims to be a statesman with unrivalled credentials, is very much aware about the vandalism being orchestrated by his supporters, yet he had kept quiet and refused to call his supporters to order whilst innocent Ghanaians that he wants to rule are being brutalized.


But in the midst of all these pockets of hooliganism being orchestrated by the NPP, the NDC leadership and its supporters have remained very calm and celebrating their success in the 2012 elections.


There was something that General Obasanjo who also had oversight responsibility for the African Union Monitoring Team said that has caught my attention. He advised Akufo-Addo and the NPP not to go to court to contest the decision of the EC because the elections were held in a free, fair and transparent atmosphere.
But as I speak, the NPP is planning to meet today to go to court to context the results. One therefore, is inclined to question the motive behind this since it would be extremely impossible for the court to crown Akufo-Addo the winner. Even assuming in the worst case scenario if Akufo-Addo is ?crowned? the president of Ghana by the courts, can he function as a president with a minority in parliament?



Ghanaians are seeing the other side of Akufo-Addo who is bent on going down with the NPP. The International Community is watching and that every meaning is being read into the true intensions of the NPP, a party which claims to be the pillar of democracy and the defender of the rule of law, yet only believe in saying it that running with it.


Vandalism and attacks on innocent Ghanaians will not cut it for Akufo-Addo who even before the first vote was cast asked his supporters to come out with a Victory Cloth named, ?Nteni Eni Bewu? (Nteni will be shamed). I wish Akufo-Addo will be bold enough to come to terms that God has been so good and for that matter made President Mahama to smile. Not to sound sarcastic I will conclude by saying ?Nteni Eni Agye? (Nteni Is Smiling).

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