The NPP has raised a number of issues?over the ongoing voter exhibition. This has neccesitated a meeting.

wpid-Electoral20Commission20Logo.pngThe Electoral Commission?(EC) will soon?meet the leadership of the?various political parties to?find antidotes to problems?that cropped up during the
voter register exhibition?exercise.

Christian Owusu Perry,?the Acting Public Affairs?Director of EC, said his outfit?would announce the date?of the Inter Party Advisory?Committee (IPAC) immediately?the voter register exhibition?exercise ends on Thursday.

The political parties?have raised concerns about?the ongoing voter register
exhibition exercise which?has recorded very low?patronage across the ten
regions of the country so far.

Mr Owusu Perry said?the concerns raised by the?political parties will not be?swept under the carpet, stating?that all issues bothering?the political parties will be?addressed at the IPAC meeting.

He said on Fox FM that?the EC made adequate publicity?about the voter register?exhibition exercise,?stressing that the EC should?not be blamed for the minimal?patronage that the exercise?has seen.

According to him, prior?to the commencement of the?important national exercise,?the EC issued a press release?to the various media houses?in the country to inform the?public about the exercise.

Mr Owusu Perry noted?that the EC also posted bills?at vantage points throughout?the country with the?sole intention to draw people?s?attention to the exercise.

According to him, the?various radio stations and?television networks were
equally engaged by the EC?to run adverts which?explained the importance or?the need for the public to?visit the polling stations to?check their names in the?register.

Mr Owusu Perry stated?that the EC also engaged?street announcers who have?been visiting communities?to broadcast the national?exercise in the various local?dialects.

According to him, he?was sure that people have?heard about the ongoing
voter register exhibition?exercise but have deliberately?refused to patronise it so?the EC should not be?blamed.

Mr Owusu Perry also?debunked the assertion that?the timing of the voter exhibition?exercise was wrong,?saying that the exercise?should take place now?ahead of the district level?elections slated for early?next year.

The EC official admonished?the populace to find?time and check their names
in the voter register so that?the EC can detect all the?anomalies in the register?and correct them on time.

FROM I.F. Joe Awuah Jnr., Kumasi


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