NPP to go to the polls on January 25 to elect regional executives
NPP to go to the polls on January 25 to elect regional executives

Presidential Staffer, Dr. Clement Apaak has described as unfortunate the opposition New Patriotic Party?s ?mischievous? assessment of President John Mahama?s one year in office.

He said the party which failed to recognize the legitimacy of the president until after eight months of needless litigation has no moral right to do any appraisal of President Mahama?s performance.

?It is rather surprising that for a group which denied the legitimacy of this president for whole eight to nine months now has the audacity to assess him for one year in office? he stressed.

The NPP at a forum to assess President Mahama?s first year in office said he [Mahama] performed abysmally. The party has predicted further decline in the economy and unbridled socio-economic hardship this year.

But in a rebuttal, Dr. Clement Apaak on Asempa FM?s Ekosii Sen programme Thursday said the forum was just an avenue for the NPP to draw attention to itself and?to remain relevant in Ghana?s body politic.

?The NPP is only craving for attention because it is a party in crisis with the possibility of an implosion and the only way to maintain its relevance in our body politic is to minimize the good works of President Mahama?.

Dr. Apaak noted that rather than condemning the president, the opposition party must commend him [Mahama] for sailing through the ?difficulties orchestrated, promoted, enhanced and facilitated by the NPP?.

He said the NPP?s penchant of berating the president at any given opportunity smacks of ?hypocrisy and double standards.

?If the NPP wants to be honest with Ghanaians they should start assessing John Mahama after the 29th of August 2013 then we will know that they are a serious group of people who act and function based on principle?.

Clement Apaak maintained President Mahama after surviving a very ?traumatizing, challenging and debilitating? first year in office deserves praise.

?The NPP can go and stand on the highest mountain and scream as loud as they can to suggest that this president has not performed. The?good news is that the good people of Ghana know otherwise because the evidence is on the ground?.

Source BBC


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