The Communications Director of the New Patriotic Party, Nana Akomea, has insisted that the party has done no wrong using children in its advertisements, especially if the policies are targeted at children.

A child rights advocacy group, Child Rights International (CRI) has said using children in political advertisement is a violation on the child?s rights since such children are not mandated to vote by law.

However, Nana Akomea told Citi News, no child right has been violated by political parties saying, ?if I am using a theme that involves children like a school?s theme, who do you use? If I am doing an advert that involves teachers, I have to use a teaching theme with teachers. We can?t have people dressed like doctors when you are talking about teachers.?

?If I am doing an advert which talks about the nursing profession, I have to use nurses in the advert and if it is about education, I have to use children so unless someone tells me that there is something in the law that specifically prohibits it,? Mr. Akomea added.

Source Citi News Ghana


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