As you read this article and an NPP member, you might also brush it off but be careful you don’t suffer the same fate as Abubakr Mohammed. In the NPP now, no one knows who will be next, because the problems that caused the death of Mohammed still persist.

Ladies and gentlemen, when the NPP Upper East Regional Chairman, Adams Mahama, was killed with acid, Dr. Bawumia said at the funeral that, one life lost in the party was too much. He therefore asked the members to use the death of Adams Mahama as a sacrifice to win both the Talensi and 2016 general elections. They lost the Talensi by-elections and it is very likely that they will lose the 2016 elections as well. The NPP is not an attractive party anymore. The President Kuffour’s party is now a dead party.

You see, instead of the NPP looking for the causes and effects of the death of Adams Mahama, they just brushed them aside and thought the problem will solve itself. They attempted to solve it by giving Paul Afoko and Kwabena Agyepong hard times in the running of the party. Somebody even went ahead and wrote a letter suggesting that KwabenaAgyepong, the General Secretary, had resigned.

So far, no one knows the one who wrote that letter and the motive behind it. If you are the leader of a political party and someone writes a fake letter suggesting that your General Secretary had resigned, you will investigate the motive for that letter and if possible, punish the writer, right? Has Nana done that?

The NPP wrongly decided to solve the problem in it by first suspending their democratically elected party Chairman, Paul Afoko, because 2 Northerners petitioned the Council of Elders over some allegations. The Council of Elders forwarded the allegations to the Disciplinary Committee who are the same Council of Elders members.

The Disciplinary Committee recommended a suspension to the National Executive Council who are the same Disciplinary Committee members, plus some 2 or 3 people who are NEC members per their constitution. Mr. Paul Afoko was suspended because the Disciplinary Committee had invited him 4 times to answer the charges of allegations but he did not honor the invitations. The NEC called a meeting which was chaired by a person who was going to benefit from the actions of the NEC.

This same person is also under investigation by the NEC that he was chairing. Do you see the joke here? As soon as the meeting was over, the NPP started calling Mr. Freddy Blay as the “Acting” Chairman. I don’t even know if there is a position called “Acting” Chairman in their constitution. This is the party that call themselves as the party of rule of law. Do you still believe that?

Members of the NPP, so you don’t have anybody to run the party than a member of the CPP? The NPP boosts of intelligent men and women and yet found a CPP man to run their party for them. No wonder, Kweku Baako, Jnr. the editor-in-chief of the New Crusading Guide newspaper, another CPP man, has become their research fellow and spokesman on very important issues.

Do we also remember how Nana Akufo-Addo left the UP tradition in 1978/79 to join his uncle, Nana William Ofori Atta to form the United National Convention, (UNC) which was a break-away party from the UP tradition. This action by Nana Akufo-Addo caused the defeat of Victor Owusu of the Popular Front Party, (PFP) a UP traditional party. The total votes of PFP and the UNC was more than the votes Dr.HillaLimann of the Peoples National Convention (PNC) got.

Dr. Hilla Limann became the President of Ghana in 1979 due in part to the actions of Nana Akufo-Addo. Victor Owusu, bitterly lost the election in1979 and it took the skillful character of Kuffour to bring it back in 2000. When he was leaving the Presidency, he gave some talking points to the NPP, but it looks like the current NPP is telling President Kuffour, “Fuck you”

Mr. Paul Afoko’s suspension was followed by ademonstration organized by a group of some NPP Chairmen at the party headquarters against the suspension. Because the death of Adams Mahama has not taught the NPP any lessons, some group decided to attack their Chairman in Asawasi. Their reason was that their Chairman took part in the demonstration to support Paul Afoko. When the dust was settled, Abubakr Mohammed was dead in a pool of blood.

The demonstration to support Paul Afoko has also led to the suspension of 4 other party chairmen and a deputy northern regional women organizer, HajiaZulfaoAmadu. There are two different groups, each has pertioned the Council of Elders to suspend the “Acting” Chairman and the General Secretary.

A new political party has come out of the NPP which has its interim General Secretary as Mr. ListowellKusi-Poku. The party is New Labor Party (NLP) which has the Hand as its emblem with yellow, red and white as its colors. All these happenings are going on in the NPP under the same leader, Nana Akufo-Addo, the man who wants to be President of Ghana in 2017.

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s do some serious thinking here.

The problems in the NPP started in 2008 as soon as President Kuffour handed over power to Nana Akufo-Addo. Nana could not resolve the problems until that caused the death of Adams Mahama, a regional Chairman. The best way the NPP could resolve the problem was to suspend the democratically elected Chairman, Paul Afoko, by illegal means.

Meanwhile, that solution has led to a demonstration within the same party, suspension of 4 Chairmen, a woman organizer and the death of Abubakr Mohammed of Asawasi. So as you read this article and have understood what is going on in the NPP, do you think suspending Paul Afoko was the best solution to the death of Adams Mahama?

Let us be serious a little bit. What has Nana Akufo-Addo proposed as the solution to the many problems in the NPP? Nana Addo has been able to identify all the problems in Ghana but he can’t identify even one problem in the NPP.

No wonder, he is going around saying he can fix all the problems in Ghana but the party he is leading is always on fire. The corruption and politics in the NPP are so big that they have overwhelmed Nana Akufo-Addo. He is a confused man now and wished he could resign.

As I stated earlier, Abubakr Mohammed might have read my last article but he is no more amongst the living. As you are also reading this article as an NPP member, what have you heard from Nana Akufo-Addo to guarantee your safety in the party? The problems that caused the death of both Adams Mahama and Abubakr Mohammed still persist in the NPP.

Do you see the suspension of Paul Afoko as the best solution for a party that is looking to win elections in 2016? Abubakr Mohammed is dead because of the recklessness character of Nana, and pray that if you are an NPP, you are not the next.

Source; Lawrence Appiah-Osei (Protocol)


Friends of John DramaniMahama (USA)


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