One person has been arrested after chaos erupted in the the New Patriotic Party?s Parliamentary Primaries in the Klottey Korle constituency.

NPP sympathisers believed to be supporters of aspirant Philip Addison, have taken to the streets and are protesting.

Voting has however begun and is progressing slowly at the party?s headquarters.

The media has been barred from entering the voting centre while delegates are only being allowed in to vote.

The police have responded to the disturbances and are on the scene to ensure calm prevails.

The elections had been in doubt after an EC official told Citi News that they had been told the election would be held next weekend.

Addison had also mentioned that the news of the polls had surprised him, stating that the decision was disrespectful as a decision had been taken to hold the election next week following a meeting with the regional executives of the party.

Source: Citi FM


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