The new Patriotic Party (NPP) has hit back at the Ghana Statistical Service (GSS) say the acting Government Statistician, Dr. Philomena Nyarko, had “completely wrong” what Dr. Ferdinand Ayim said last week at the Bawmia Memorial Lecture on the “State of our economy” in an “apparent attempt to its political masters.”

The statistical service of Ghana, led by the acting Government Statistician at a press conference on Wednesday, noted that “while Dr. Bawumia admits that figure inflation not a new phenomenon, he doubts at the current level of inflation in Ghana.”

A statement signed by the NPP Deputy Communications Director, warned the acting Government Statistician Okudzeto Perry on “stop dabbling in the partisan politics.”

Below is the full declaration of the NPP.


In their answer to the Dr. Bawumia lecture on the State of the economy, the Acting Director of the Ghana Statistical Service (GSS) completely wrong what actually was explained by Dr. Bawumia in an apparent attempt to its political masters.

There is an attempt to claim that Dr. Bawumia cumulative changes in prices as inflation was the presentation. This is a manufacture or an attempt to deceive. Dr. Bawumia categoric was claiming that he was looking at the cost of life. He made the point that the cost of living had risen considerably in Ghana and some price changes used as examples. The GSS do not deny this.

Secondly, Dr. Bawumia also noted that this cumulative price changes not meant that single digit inflation was not possible. He notes that:

I should add that these price changes do not necessarily mean that inflation figure is not possible. It would depend on what is measured and over what period. What we see of price increases for basic products in our markets in the past year is that they are increasingly volatile and certainly outside the single digits “. (Page 16)

So why did the Acting Director GSS ignored this part of the statement of Dr. Bawumia?Dr. Bawumia further noted that the developments in the prices of some common items, even within the past year (for example, maize prices in Bolgatanga market that increased by 60% between 2011 and 2012) inconsistent with single digit inflation appear. This assessment is not based on cumulative price changes. Attempts by the Acting Director of the GSS too bad what Dr. Bawumia said his unhappy.

In fact, in his presentation, Dr. Bawumia was very careful not to question the integrity of the GSS. He said:

The main question is on the minds of many Ghanaians is:” really we have single-digit inflation in Ghana today? ” While I don’t want to argue with or question the integrity of our hard-working officials in Ghana Statistical Service which do a good job under very difficult conditions, and must indeed be means (and given more independence) to do the work they do, I will that the available statistical data show that inflation figure reported is not consistent with the economic fundamentals and developments in some key economic indicators relating to the cost of living, interest rates and exchange rates. It would be a measurement problem, but the established relationships between inflation and important economic variables seem to have disappeared for now. ” (Page 15)

This is by no means an attack on the Ghana Statistical Service. Dr. Bawumia is pointing out that what the statistical service is capturing or measure is not reflected in the price developments in our shops and markets and most people can’t relate to the talk about in Ghana single digit inflation if they are on the market.

So why did the Acting Director GSS ignored this part of Dr. Bawumia statement?

They should stop dabbling in the partisan politics.


Perry Okudzeto

NPP Deputy Communications Director



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