Some members of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) who have voiced their opinions about the recent assassination attempt on President John Dramani Mahama have condemned the 10-year prison sentence of the would-be assassin, raising questions about NPP?s strange support for the would-be assassin.

Since the assassination attempt by 36-year old Charles Antwi who stormed the President?s Church on Sunday with a fully loaded gun, Social media platforms have been awash with several NPP commentators wishing the assassination attempt had been successful.

One such commentator- Akweley Torshie Torto-known for her closeness to General Secretary Kwabena Agyapong and his predecessor, Kwadwo Owusu Afriyie (Sir John), stated that a successful hit on the President would have been a worthy cause.

?So what, if he [Charles Antwi] went into the Church to kill the President , is the President better than those who have died under his leadership?.so what is the fuss about a citizen wanting to kill the President who have made life living hell for not him [Charles Antwi] alone, but Ghanaians??

Ms Torto?s views are said to be a reflection of many NPP top guns, the Republic Newspaper has gathered.

The quick condemnation of Charles Antwi?s  10-year jail term for the attempted assassination  individuals associated with the party has reinforced perceptions that the party may have wished the plot was successful.

Top NPP lawyers such as Egbert Faibille, Kwame Akufo and US-based Ghanaian law professor Stephen Kwaku Asare, known for his sympathies for the NPP, have condemned Circuit Court Judge Francis Obiri for sentencing the Charles Antwi, described as the ?Holy Assassin? to 10 years imprisonment.

The all argued that the unsuccessful assassin had mental disorder and had been unfairly sentenced by the judge. ?There is no doubt that this trial is flawed,? Egbert Faibille charged, while lawyer Kwame Akufo described the judge?s sentence as ?an abuse of the process?.

??the judge should have immediately referred him (suspect) to a psychiatric evaluation?everything he was saying indicates that there was something wrong with his thinking and so he should have been evaluated. The maximum sentence according to law should have been five years and so I don?t know where this 10 years is coming from,? Kwame Akufo told Peace FM?s morning show programme.

In a similar argument, Kwaku Asare said, ?The issue is not whether Charles Antwi was competent to stand trial but rather whether Judge Francis Obiri is competent to be a trial judge in such a complex case.?

?The judge?s handling of the case falls significantly short of the procedural due process requirements guaranteed by the constitution,? the US-based law professor charged.

Antwi was swiftly arrested at the Ringway Gospel Centre branch of the Assemblies of God Church last Sunday where the President and his family usually worship.

His suspicious behavior was spotted by some Church members who raised an alarm that prompted plain-cloth security agents present in the Church.

Charles Antwi was searched and was discovered to be concealing a fully loaded pistol which he claims he bought from a Burkinabe citizen. He was promptly processed in court and was later sentenced to 10 years imprisonment.

In Court, the ?Holy Assassin? confessed to wanting to eliminate President Mahama for what he regarded as his cause of the economic hardships being experienced by Ghanaians.

On his arrest, Church members confirmed that the man was a stranger who was not a member of the church and nobody could identify him.

Church members claimed the man acted strangely and was too jittery during the morning sermon. A press statement from the Ministry of Communications and signed by the Minister, Dr. Edward Omane Boamah, described the man as ?fidgety? during the sermon; a situation that raised suspicion among church members.

?The man was arrested after his fidgety and suspicious behavior was noticed during the morning service. He was escorted out by security personnel and following a search, the weapon was found.?

The gun is said to have been fully loaded and cocked ready for shooting.

?President John Dramani Mahama and the First Family are members of the Church but were absent when the incident occurred,? the statement from the communications ministry confirmed.

Apart from the first family, other key government officials, including the Chief Justice Georgina Theodora Woode and senior police officers such as the Director General of the public affairs department of the Ghana police service, DCOP Rev. David Ampah Benin,  all worship at the Ringway Gospel Assemblies of God Church.

The incident comes closely in the heels of President Mahama and his wife?s recent close shave with death recently aboard a Ghana Airforce MH-17 helicopter that  made a ?precautionary landing? at Apatrampa, a suburb of Kumasi earlier this month.

The helicopter which was carrying the President, John Dramani Mahama, and First Lady Lordina Mahama from Sunyani to Kumasi where they had attended a funeral service was forced to make the emergency landing due to what the Ghana Air Force described as bad weather.

The two events have driven a cross-section of the general public and security agencies to believe some sinister agenda being tested.

Source: The Republic


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