Story: Fatima Abdul-Karim

As election 2012 approaching, various Political parties are campaigning massively to win power as if they have never been in power, whiles others plead to come back after wasting several years in power without any concrete remarkable achievements to attest for.

The Deputy Financial and Economic Planning Minister and Candidate for Ketu South Constituency for the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) Hon Fiifi Kwetey in NDC forum for setting the records straight and strengthening the distortions and telling the Mill’s story fully, has analyzed the various phenomenal economic infrastructural development under President Mills’ administration as better than that of the previous government.

According to him, under the administration of president Mills there have been giant strides in the economic and infrastructural development of the country which are not difficult to point.

Mr. Kwetey said the New Patriotic Party (NPP) over the years has failed the people of Ghana with blatant lies just to deceive and throw dust into their years.

He mentioned some major project completed under the leadership of professor Evans Attah Mills, saying that the three years of NDC has proven to be more better than the achievement of the NPP government under the leadership of former President Kufour over eight years.

Mr. Kwetey averred that what NPP over eight years could not achieve has been achieved by this current government and they are asking for come back.

He laminated that, the NDC family in the past invested so much into road infrastructure that the NPP which was then in opposition used to say, that people do not eat roads, “that proud tradition has continued to inspire president Mills and his team,” he said.

“NPP obviously made some efforts in the area of road infrastructure but their performance in their first four years can be described as abysmal, compared with the trifles of this current government over the last three years,” he noted.

He also pointed out that in the first four years of the NPP they spent more than 3 million Ghana Cedis (30 billion old Cedis) on Cocoa roads, whereas in the three years of NDC’s not less than 340 million Cedis have been allocated to Cocoa roads.

He added that the difference was staggering and underscored the massive commitment of President Mills to the rapid transformation of the nation’s economic infrastructure.

He spoke about agricultural sector, transport sector and energy sector as so far better compared to NPP in office for eight years.

He stated that “President Mills in three short has not just achieve an unprecedented single digit inflation that has among others stopped the price of Kenkey galloping by 525% in three years as happened under the NPP but an unprecedented  low budget deficit, GDP growth, one million metric tones of cocoa, 2 billion dollar cocoa loan syndication, rise in foreign direct investments and portfolio investment, single digit 91 day T bill rate, gross external reserves, international confidence in Ghana’s economy and unprecedented single spine salary scheme.”

The Deputy Finance Minister stressed that, the President has also surpassed the NPP’s corresponding period record in all economic infrastructure and in some respect, trumped NPP’s eight year’s economic infrastructure records.


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