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Npp Denies Reports Of Cracks Within Party

Perry Okudzeto

Curtis Perry Okudzeto

The opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) has dismissed reports that cracks are emerging in the party ahead of its intraparty elections, shooting down a Thursday report by state-owned Daily Graphic of a possible split.

A press statement issued and signed by Curtis Perry Okudzeto, the Acting Communications Director of the NPP, explained that what might appear to be an aggressive jostling in the party was indeed a ?free internal competition?.

The first of the intraparty elections would be held across the regions on Saturday January 25, 2013.

?Let our detractors know that encouraging free internal competition does not mean we are disunited. It does not mean the party is in disarray. It means we know what democracy is about?We hope that the other parties, especially the ruling party, will take a positive cue from us and conduct their [intraparty elections] in a similar and cordial manner,? Mr. Okudzeto stated.

??The party leadership is very happy with the various levels of competitions for the party positions that have taken place and are yet to take place.?

For several weeks now, the move to consolidate power in the party had exposed some spirited jostling as aspirants pitch camps with their allies and try to outwit their opponents. There had been unconfirmed reports of deep cracks within the party along these power blocs, but this was rebuffed by the Acting Director of Communications of NPP.

Indeed the state-run Daily Graphic newspaper, in its January 23rd edition, made reference to this supposed split, forcing the NPP headquarters to issue the statement which was in response to the publication.

?Without providing a shred of evidence, the Daily Graphic alleged that this Saturday?s regional party leadership contests to be held across the country was a split between two NPP camps?This is disgraceful journalism of the lowest order.

?We are dismayed but not entirely surprised that a state-owned media like the Daily Graphic, with all the resources and capacity at its disposal, will join the NDC bandwagon of false propaganda against the NPP?Contrary to the false impression that the pro-government media houses are actively seeking to create the impression that the NPP is ?split?, ?imploding? and in ?disarray?, we remain bonded together by our common cause of working together to win power to rescue the people of Ghana from this era of despair, hardship and endemic corruption,? the statement charged.

Despite what appeared to be heated internal wrangling, the NPP said it was a party in ?good health?, describing the internal jostling as ?enthusiasm?.

?The enthusiasm that people have shown in contesting for party positions is, to us, very positive signal of a party in good health and with energy and personnel to contest, win and protect the integrity of national elections,? Mr. Okudzeto stated.

By Raphael Ofori-Adeniran


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