NPP and NDC flags
NPP and NDC flags

In President Mills’ last “State of the Nation Address, Thursday February 16, 2012, he mentioned that “Contracts for the construction of over 1700 classroom blocks for schools under trees have been awarded throughout the country”

We wish to bring to the Presidents attention, the gargantuan spiral in the cost of building 6 unit classroom blocks over the last two years.

In November 2009, a six unit classroom block for JHS, with an office, store, staffroom, toilet and urinal was awarded at cost of GH¢72,812.00 at Awutu Senya District, Central Region. (Copy attached).

In January 2012, just over two years later, the same 6 unit classroom block for JHS is costed at GH¢325,000 (or from ¢728 million to ¢3.25 billion) an increase of more than 450% in just two years.

This is highly suspicious, given the declarations of achievements of low inflation and currency stability.

We call on President Mills to have these costs investigated, as they fuel the public’s anxieties regarding rampant corruption within government.

We also call for investigation into the award of contracts to the tune of $43,996,000.00 for the printing of Atlas Workbooks for basic schools in Ghana.

The printing of these books have not been the priorities of either the Ghana Education Service nor the GetFund; hence these two institutions did not have them in their 2011 budgets.

Yet the contracts have been awarded by the Ministry of Education despite the non provision for them in the 2011 budgets of both GetFund and GES.

The decision could not even wait for the cost to be factored in the 2012 budgets of GetFund and GES. Bank loans have been contracted at high interest rates, to be paid by the Ghanaian taxpayer. An investigation into these is needed to ensure the public interest is protected.

Signed: Hon. Nana Akomea NPP Communications Director


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